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PUMA, Europe and India

PUMA, Europe and India

Brightening up PUMA Stores with IKIO’s Track Lights


PUMA, Europe and India

Being the third largest manufacturer of sportswear globally, Puma consistently embraces innovation to deliver exceptional customer experiences. In the pursuit of this goal and the desire for more concentrated lighting on specific merchandise, PUMA has collaborated with IKIO Lighting Solutions. 

Key Implementations 

Here are the key strategies that were implemented: 

  • Transformative Lighting Design: The strategic placement of track lights brought a new dimension to the PUMA store. Their versatility facilitated a dynamic lighting design that could be effortlessly adjusted to highlight new products or accommodate changes in the store layout, thereby enhancing the store's visual appeal.  

  • Spotlight on What Matters: Unlike fixed lighting, IKIO's track lights allow for effortless adjustments. Puma can easily highlight new arrivals, showcase seasonal collections, or draw attention to specific promotions. This flexibility empowers them to create a dynamic shopping experience that keeps customers engaged. 

  • Exceptional Energy Efficiency: The track lights served as powerhouses of efficiency. With an impressive efficacy of 100lm/W, they deliver a high lumen output for each watt of power consumed. This has significantly reduced the store's energy consumption, making PUMA's retail space a model of energy efficiency. 

  • Robust and Durable Construction: Constructed with die-cast aluminum, the Prime Track Light and Bolide Track Light are engineered to last. Their robust construction provides optimal cooling, extending the lifespan of the lights. This means PUMA can rely on these lights for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. 

Conclusion: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership 

Puma's collaboration with IKIO Lighting Solutions demonstrates the transformative power of innovative design.  The strategic use of IKIO’s track lights has been key to this transformation. These lights offer flexibility and versatility, enabling swift adjustments to the lighting design to highlight new products or adapt to store layout changes. This focused illumination enhances the visual appeal of the PUMA store, creating a vibrant shopping environment that brings a new dimension to the retail experience. This successful partnership between Puma and IKIO serves as a beacon, illuminating the future of retail through strategic lighting solutions. 


“We are very satisfied with the outcomes of the LED lighting in our projects. Not only did the LED products meet our planned objectives, but the conduct of IKIO was extremely professional. 

 I would have no hesitation in recommending 

- In fact, I've already done so 

 Store Manager, PUMA” 

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  • Location:Europe and India


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