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Forever 21, Europe and India

Forever 21, Europe and India

Elevating the Customer Experience at Forever 21


Forever 21, Europe and India

Forever 21, a prominent fashion retailer, has consistently stayed at the forefront of the retail industry by embracing innovative strategies and focusing on customer-centric experiences.  

IKIO LED Lighting has supported this endeavor by creating engaging store environments through strategic lighting solutions. The aim was to elevate the overall retail experience for customers and to be able to attract a younger, more style-conscious demographic. We sought to enhance product visibility and create an inviting atmosphere that aligns with Forever 21’s dynamic and fashion-forward brand image.   

Key Strategies Implemented 

  • Customized Lighting Solutions 

IKIO developed customized lighting solutions tailored specifically to Forever 21’s unique store layout and branding needs. Our focus was on implementing a seamless layering of high-efficiency Track Lights & Downlights with high CRI. This resulted in superior illumination while showcasing the true colors and textures of the merchandise, making them more appealing to shoppers. 

For this purpose, we chose Opul Downlights, an IKIO solution that comes with multiple lighting head options (single-head, two-heads, and three-heads), providing flexibility and ease of illumination. 

  • Interactive Display Features 

To further engage customers, we integrated lighting to create interactive displays. We upgraded the existing focused lighting to be brighter and more efficient using our retrofits. With a simple swap of the existing source with our retrofit LEDs, we enhanced the illumination without disrupting the existing system. Now the store features better spotlighting that highlights the latest fashion trends and displays, creating a dynamic shopping environment that encourages customers to return to see what’s new and different.   

  • Energy Efficient Practices 

Aligning with Forever 21’s goals to incorporate more sustainable practices into their operations, our lighting solutions were designed to be energy efficient. This approach significantly reduced the store’s energy use, supporting sustainability while ensuring that the lighting quality and customer experience were not compromised. 

The Impact 

The partnership with IKIO’s Retail Lighting solutions resulted in a hassle-free lighting upgrade for Forever 21. Since IKIO is a self-manufacturer and provides direct solutions, the work was completed seamlessly at every step of the project, be it manufacturing or installing or post-project service.  

The strategic placement and quality of the lighting led to better product visibility and attractiveness, while customers also reported a more enjoyable and engaging shopping experience due to the enhanced ambiance of the store. Energy efficiency also increased, contributing to a reduction in overall energy costs.  


We rigorously assessed products from many world-leading lighting suppliers, and only after that, we decided to proceed with ILC Lighting Solutions (a sister concern company of IKIO), as their products met our high standards and ensured high savings long-term.   

Their dedication to lighting solutions is shown through their responsiveness and reliability. We greatly appreciate their help throughout the entire process of our project and the technical support, service and savings they do time after time 

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