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Adidas, Europe and India

Adidas Project

Enhancing Adidas showrooms with IKIO’s Lights.


Adidas, Europe and India

IKIO Lighting collaborated with Adidas to create a captivating in-store experience that transcended mere product display. The vision was that every merchandise would not just be displayed but would narrate its own compelling story. To achieve this vision, IKIO meticulously selected distinct lighting fixtures, each tailored to accentuate specific products and evoke their unique narratives. 


The existing store lighting, a mishmash of fluorescent and incandescent fixtures, lacked focus and vibrancy. This inconsistency failed to spotlight the Adidas product line, hindering customers' ability to appreciate the design and quality. 


By strategically deploying Alem Track Lights and Prime Track Light, Rimin Projector Lights, and Avant Downlights, IKIO created a symphony of illumination that breathed life into each merchandise, turning them into captivating protagonists of their own stories. 

  • Projector Lights: Our projector lights illuminated larger-than-life visuals and brand narratives, enveloping customers in a world where every step unveils a new chapter. Moreover, with the ability to shape light into squares, circles, and custom designs, projector lights offered a versatile canvas for creative expression, allowing Adidas to tailor the atmosphere to suit any theme or campaign. 

  • Track Lights: Positioned strategically to highlight featured products and guide the customer's gaze, track lights acted as the director's spotlight, drawing attention to the star players on the retail stage. 

  • Downlights: With a soft, diffused glow, downlights created an inviting atmosphere, inviting customers to explore every detail of the story unfolding before them, from the stitching on a shoe to the texture of a fabric. 


“Many congratulations to you on the successful opening of the new store. Most importantly thanks for your and your team unconditional support in the completion of the store with good quality and within timelines. We really are partners in this success and look forward for the same in the upcoming year. Keep the good work going.  

Good Luck 

Store manager, Adidas” 

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  • Location:Europe and India


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