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H&M, Europe and India

H&M Project

Retrofitting Lights at H&M Without Overhauls


H&M, Europe and India

H&M, a powerhouse in fast fashion retail, continually evolves its operational practices and spaces to stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace. Recognizing the need for a lighting upgrade without a major overhaul—replacing the entire lighting system would have been a great hassle and shutting down the stores for retrofit downtime was out of the question—H&M partnered with us for a specialized retrofit solution. They required a luminaire that could be easily integrated into existing lighting systems, enhancing illumination while keeping costs down. 

Key Strategies Implemented

We designed a series of downlights with specific bases (GU6.5 G8.5 G12) to directly replace CFL & HID sources in existing lamps. Available in a variety of color temperatures and clear and frosted lens options, the Marvela Series was perfect for the illumination of H&M stores. Resembling traditional bulbs, it offered flexibility in applications. Our solutions also included our choicest spotlighting luminaire, the Alem 2 Track Light, for displays and aisles, which were exceptionally easy to install and made the upgrade process seamless. 

  • Proper Utilization of Maintenance Budget 

We also wanted to help the client utilize their maintenance budget instead of their purchase budget. By simply replacing the sources of the fixtures with the more efficient Marvela and not tweaking the system, we significantly reduced expenses. This approach allowed the use of the maintenance budget without exhausting the purchase budget. 

  • Quick & Super Easy Replacement of Defective LEDs 

Our revolutionary Marvela made upgrading the store's entire lighting system remarkably quicker than anticipated, without disrupting store operations. We focused on creating the perfect prototype to ensure the design of the fixtures was optimal. After several iterations, we finally settled on the design. The manufacturing process then proceeded smoothly. 

The rest of the project was a breeze, as we just had to open the LEDs of existing lights by rotating them clockwise and swap them with Marvela.  

Results and Impact 

The client was amazed at how easily such a big project was delivered without major disruptions to daily business. IKIO achieved this through our robust design capabilities, manufacturing prowess, and end-to-end services, ensuring the project's smooth execution.   

Our unique approach not only preserved the integrity of H&M's store designs but also significantly enhanced the lighting quality and efficiency, supporting their ongoing commitment to sustainability and superior customer shopping experiences.  

The lighting improvement was notable, and importantly, with LEDs, the client will see significant long-term savings. Our collaboration exemplifies how thoughtful, customer-focused design innovations can rejuvenate the retail experience and contribute to a brand's success. Best of all? The client expressed great satisfaction with the project outcome, making it a win for everyone!   


“We were looking for a quick solution that would help us upgrade our lights without compromising their performance or disrupting regular operations. ILC Lighting Solutions’ proposal met all our criteria in terms of offerings—well-designed products, energy savings, and exceptional lighting service. What's more, the project was completed with minimal disruption to our business operations.   

Since we made the switch, we've observed significant savings in both costs and maintenance. It's not just good for the environment, but also a wise financial decision for us. Really happy with how things turned out.” 

  • H&M, Europe and India

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